Candle Keepers – DIY-

Here you go… another  – Do It Yourself project that is so easy to make.  This project is by Southern Sister Eloise.  Yes it’s Candle Keepers and these are so adorable.  Light up the patio with these cuties….  Transform the saucer into a lid and fill the pot with sand or small rocks that will safely hold a glimmering tea light candle.

Candle Keepers DIY

 supplies for candle keepers

Supplies are:  All purpose, super strength adhesive, duct tape, 5 inch or larger clay pot and saucer, 4 (1/2 Inch) ball feet, 1 wooden finial, stained or paint with your choice of spray paint.  Rubber stamp of your choice (NOTE:  Make sure the ink is permanent ink) Fine sand or small rocks, Tea light candle and black permanent marker.

#3 candle keepers


1.  Spray 4 wooden balls and finial with paint.  Set aside and let dry.

2.  Stamp design on front of clay pot.  Let dry.  Turn saucer upside down and stamp in center also. Using permanent marker go along outer rim of saucer. As shown in picture.   (NOTE: Make sure use are using permanent ink.)

3.  Glue wooden balls to bottom of pot for feet.  Glue finial to center of saucer.  Let dry.

4.  Cover hole in bottom of pot with duct tape.  Use the tape inside of pot.

5.  Fill pot with sand or small rocks and insert a tea light candle.

#3 candle keepers #4 candle keepers

3.   #5 candlekeeper

#6 candlekeepers

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