Diamond Pouch Napkin Fold

diamond napkin fold by lorene


This is so easy to make and has a very classy look to it. Let’s get started….

step 1 diamond pouch napkin

Lay napkin face down.

2 diamond pouch

 Fold napkin in half horizontally.

3 diamond fold


 Fold napkin again to make a square.

4 diamond pouch

 Turn the napkin opening away from you.

5 diamond pouch

 Take one layer of the napkin and fold it over to meet the corners of the opposite side.  Leave about an inch from the corner.

6 diamond fold

 Fold down the next napkin layer.  Like shown above.

7 diamond napkin

 Fold next layer down.  Like shown.

8 diamond pouch

 Flip the napkin over…

9 diamond pouch

 Now fold side over to center of napkin…

10 diamond pouch

 Fold other side over to center…

11 diamond pouch

 Secure one corner between the folds of the other corner…

12 diamond pouch

 Flip napkin over and place silverware inside pouch….  


 Very Classy and beautiful for any table setting.  🙂

Diamond Pouch Napkin fold


diamond napkin fold by lorene


































































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