Easter Bunny Napkin Fold DIY

Bunny Napkin Fold stepbystep

Isn’t this adorable…  This will be a delightful addition to your Easter Table.  Your family and friends will just adore this little bunny napkin!  Easy step by step do it yourself instructions.  Takes about 5 minutes per bunny.  Have FUN!!!


#1 bunny napkin

 Step 1:  Materials needed:  Cotton or Linen napkins, iron and starched.  I used heavy duty spray starch.  This will make the napkins easier to work with.

#2 bunny napkin  Step 2:  Fold the napkin in half and then in half again to form a long rectangle.  Just like the picture above.

#3 bunny napkin

Step 3:  Fold the right and the left side together forming a point at the top.

#4 bunny napkin

Step 4:  Now fold the opposite corners up.

#5 bunny napkin

Step 5:  Fold the side corners in so they meet in the center.  Should look like a kite.

#6 bunny napkin

Step 6:  Gently fold the napkin over to other side.

 #7 bunny napkin

Step 7:  Fold the bottom point up so it is about 1 inch from the center of the napkin.

#8 bunny napkin

Step 8:  Carefully turn the napkin over again.  

#9 bunny napkin

Step 9:  Roll the left side over past the center slightly.

#10 bunny napkin

Step 10:  Fold the right side over and tuck inside of pocket you created with the left side.  This will hold the napkin together.

#11 bunny napkin

Step 11: Turn the napkin upright creating a base and fluff out bunny ears.

Happy Easter bunny napkin

Here you go!!!  You did it!!!!  

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