Leaf-Embellished Flower Arrangement

Easy-to-make leaf-embellished flower arrangement.  Great for your own personal decor or centerpieces for weddings, bridal or baby showers.  Let’s get started.

Leaf Embellished DIY Flower Arrangement

step 1 flowers diy

Materials Needed:  1 quart size mason jar , 2 thick rubber bands, 6 nice size flowers, large leaves, wide ribbon and scissors.

step 2

 Separate leaves and make sure they all look nice and green.



 Layer leaves around the top part of the mason jar using 1 rubber band.  Go completely around top of jar.

step 4Add the other rubber band to hold in place the lower leaves.

step 5

Cut tips of leaves giving a flat edge to fit around bottom of jar.

step 6

Looking good!

step 7

 Continue layering until the entire mason jar is covered.

step 8

Wrap ribbon around several times to secure your leaves and also to hide the rubber bands.  Measure your flower next to jar and cut making sure the flower is completely sticking out of the top.  Add water to jar and insert flowers.

step 9

How lovely is this!  Enjoy!

picture of rose arrangement picture #2

picture #3


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