Napkin Pocket Fold

napkin pocket fold four southern

This is very quick and easy to make.  Takes about 1 minute to fold one of these cute little pocket napkins.  You can use this to tuck goodies in the pocket or for your silverware….

I have broke it down step by step so here we go……

step 1 pocket napkin

Step 1 – Lay your napkin down right side up…if your napkin is very wrinkle….Press it…..It makes a prettier napkin fold…..

step 2 napkin pocket

Now fold the bottom half of the napkin up to the middle….

step 3 napkin pocket

Now fold the bottom half again on top of itself…..

Now flip the napkin over to the other side

step 4 pocket napkin

Now fold one side over to meet in the middle…..

step 5 pocket napkin

Do the same with the other side….

step 6 pocket napkin

Fold in sides again…starting with one side……

step 7 pocket napkin

Then fold the other side….

now flip it back over…..

step 9 pocket napkin

and you have a perfect Napkin Pocket Fold….. all  that’s left to do is fill it up….  🙂

napkin pocket fold four southern


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