Rosette DIY Napkin Fold


Rosette napkin fold collage

Lovely Rosette Napkin Fold.  Very easy to do and takes around 1 minute to make each rosette.

Rosette DIY Napkin Fold


Rosette step 1

You will need a square napkin.  Cotton, linen or satin will do.  No need to press or starch.  Let’s get started.  Lay the napkin wrong side up.

rosette step 2

Now fold the napkin up to make a triangle like shown in picture above.

Rosettes step 3

Now roll the long end towards the point.  Keep rolling until the napkin is completely rolled up.

rosette step 4

Good job.  Now you should have a napkin rope.

rosette step 5Start on one end of napkin rope and roll towards the other end.

keep on rolling

Keep on rolling…You are about to have a  beautiful Rosette!

rosette step 6

Now tuck the end of the napkin underneath into one of the folds.  This will keep the napkin secure.

rosette add leaves

Add some leaves and place in tea cup.  YOU DID IT!!!  🙂

rosette how lovely is this

rosette last picture

rosette very last picture

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